Galu Devi Temple
Galu Devi temple is on tne way to Triund & one of the famous renowed devi temple at the height of 10000 ft. at the height of 10000 ft. at Dharamshala
Kunal Pathri Temple
Kunal Pathri Temple (located in the Dhauladhar Ranges in Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh) which is rock pilgrimage near dharamshala. Its said that there used to live a great devotee of lord Vishnu named Kunal. This temple is dedicated to goddess Kapaleshwari. It has beautiful carvings of gods and goddesses. It is believed that the skull of Devi Sati (Dakshayani), the wife of Lord Shiva, fell here after being cut off by the Chakra of Lord Vishnu into fifty-one pieces, to stop the ferocious dance, Tandava Nritya, of Shiva carrying the corpse of Sati(Dakshayani). Distance from GPs-12 Kms
Chamunda Devi Temple
It is a famous temple with Dhauladhar forming a majestic backgdrop .It is an enchanting spot with a glorious view of the mountains,the baner khud ,pathiar and lahla forests. Distane from JPS -20 Kms
Bajreshwari Devi Temple
In the middle of the town of Kangra is the temple dedicated to Bajreshwari Devi. Known once for its legendary wealth, this temple was subject to successive depredation by invaders from the North. Mohammed of Ghazni is known to have departed with a king's ransom in gold, silver and jewels in 1009. Destroyed completely in 1905 by an earthquake, it was rebuilt in 1920 Distance from GPs-22 Kms
Jwalamukhi Temple
It is nearly two-hour excursion would take guest to the famous Jwalamukhi Temple, dedicated to the Goddess of Light. There is no idol to worship as such in the temple. Rather a constantly burning blue flame emanating from inside the rocks is worshipped.The ancient temple built against a wooded spur , has a dome that was gilded by Maharaja Ranjit Singh ,Pilgrims consider an eternally burning flames emanating froma hollow rock in a sanctum to be a manifestation of the Godess Devi. The Temple comes live with Navratra celebrations and colorful fairs during March-April and Sep-Oct every year. Distance from GPs-57 Kms
Baglamukhi Temple
It is an ancient temple of Mata Baglamukhi close to Kangra .The temple has the stone Idol of Mata Durga and is said to be a fine example of stone carving. Distance from GPs - 55kms